January 26, 2023

A note about SJO concert live streams moving forward

Due to the economic challenges presented by delivering live streamed broadcasts of our concerts, the SJO is changing the way we provide video access to our concerts effective immediately.

For our remaining two concerts this season (Rhapsody in Blue on March 11th, and Pictures at an Exhibition on April 29th), our live streams may become “on demand” videos. This means that we will not be streaming the concerts live in real time. Instead, we’ll be recording the concerts and will explore making the edited and polished recordings available after the fact. If this recording and editing process results in a strong product, we will ‘publish’ these concerts via the ConcertStream platform 1-2 weeks following the show. We will let you know if and when that happens.

The decision to end our live streams was not an easy one to make. We greatly enjoyed being able to share our music with a world-wide audience in real time.

That said, the SJO is still a fairly modest organization, and we lack the necessary infrastructure required to deliver professional quality live streams of every single one of our concerts in a cost effective way.

For those of you who are impacted by this suspension of our live streaming activity, we understand that this may come as a disappointment. We ask that you understand that suspending of our live streaming options is in the best interest of the SJO for now. Doing this will help us to continue to provide the best possible concert experience for our patrons who are able to attend concerts in person at the Broadway Theatre, while still maintaining the potential of mounting ‘On Demand’ concert records for selected SJO performances moving forward.

Anyone who has purchased live stream access to either of our two remaining concerts this season, or who purchased a 2022-2023 SJO Live Streaming “season passes” are eligible for a refund via ConcertStream. Alternatively we can provide you with two comp tickets to each of these Spring 20223 concerts for you to use (or give away to friends in the Saskatoon areas). Those seeking a refund can reach out to ConcertStream for information by emailing To receive comp tickets reach out to

We look forward to making the concert going experience for our live, in-theatre patrons as fulfilling as possible, and we do hope to share some of our future concerts through the SSO’s wonderful Concert Stream platform as well, as we are able.

Thank you for you support and understanding.

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