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A direct donation to the SJO goes a long way to help support our operations as well as the artists we work with to stage our concerts.

Every little bit helps. If you would like to continue to support the SJO outside of simply coming to our shows, you can donate directly to us using the form on this page. It’s simple and secure and you can do it from your phone, or your computer at home.

Thank you for all your support.
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Praise for the SJO's work

Such an ensemble and organization creates aesthetic and professional development opportunities for its players, and provides inspiration and aspiration to the coming generations of young musicians, composers, and orchestrators.

And, of course, it permits of the presentation of music that would not otherwise happen in the community at this level of quality.
The Honourable Tommy Banks
I knew that performing with SJO would be a very memorable musical experience. The level of musicianship was world class; the SJO deserves its national and international recognition. I was impressed with the inclusion of young students in the rhythm section who were clearly aspiring talents. The band embraced all sorts of different musical styles with ease and authenticity. I only hope to be invited back to perform with the SJO again.
Carol Welsman
Playing with the Saskatoon Jazz orchestra is indeed a great joy! Whether swingin’ or groovin’, or swingin’ and groovin’ the SJO brings it and in grand style!!! So nice to work with an organization that takes the preparation process as seriously as the performance itself. Thanks you for the opportunity and let’s do it again soon. Call on me anytime!!!
Wycliffe Gordon
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