Tatrina Tai

Featured Vocalist

For nearly 20 years Tatrina has been capturing audiences across Saskatchewan with her smooth, sultry take on jazz. Having spent a lifetime surrounded by music and learning to play both the violin and piano, Tatrina discovered that she is most passionate at the microphone singing some of the most-loved jazz classics.

In 2000, she decided it was time to push her boundaries while refining her vocal talents.
Turning to Dr. Garry Gable, former department head in the Department of Music at the
University of Saskatchewan, she spent two years developing a unique and timeless voice
that combines classical nuances with a passion for jazz.

Her repertoire allows her to tailor sets for any style and any kind of crowd, making her a
dynamic, engaging, and captivating. With a flawless voice and classic elegance, hearing
Tatrina sing is an experience like none other.

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