The SJO & The SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival Present

Generations of Artistry and Swing at the SaskJazz Festival

July 5, 2023, 5:00 pm
Victoria Park Free Stage
Here’s your chance to watch generations of musicians make beautifully authentic music together in this one-night-only jazz event.

About This Concert

The following description is courtesy of the Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival. Learn more about this concert on their website here.

Here’s your chance to watch generations of musicians make beautifully authentic music together in this one-night-only jazz event. 

5:00 PM The SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival’s Jazz Intensive (jazz camp) faculty and selected jazz camp participants kick off this special night of music making by playing a combination of classic jazz standards and original compositions created especially for this concert. For more information on the JI faculty visit

6:30 PM The Saskatoon Youth Jazz Orchestra & guests then take the stage for a swinging good time. Since its inception in 2017 the Saskatoon Youth Jazz Orchestra has provided a valuable stepping-stone for aspiring young musicians, serving as an important catalyst for the continued musical development of those seeking careers in performance, composition and music education. The SYJO exists to ensuring this musical art form is carried forward in exciting ways through providing an opportunity for aspiring & committed young musicians ages of 14 – 21 to work together to pursue musical excellence. 

The COVID pandemic saw the SYJO make a series of archival recordings, including a collaboration with Saskatoon guitarist Joel Grundahl that can be viewed at

SYJO members for this performance include: (Saxes) Ran Guo, Hayden Webb, Gray Scramstad, Dylan Mowbray, Nathaniel, (Trumpets) Ronan Inkster, Noah Willms, Sam Loseth-Scheirer, (Trombones) Brinley Perratt, Liam Noble, Trushank Lakdawala, (Piano) Jonathan Guan, (Bass) Ronin Sawitsky, (Drums) Seraphina Anand.

7:30 PM Directed by trumpeter/composer Dean McNeill the Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra takes the stage to join in the fun performing a series of special musical features showcasing some of Saskatchewan’s stellar jazz talent (e.g. Emmett Fortosky (bass), Paul Suchan (piano/composer), Donny Kennedy (sax), and Ross Ulmer (trombone)) whilst celebrating acclaimed Jazz Intensive faculty Mark DeJong (sax), Shirantha Beddege (sax), Mo Lefever (guitar), Chris Wallace (drums), and Alexis Normand (vocals).

The Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra (SJO) is committed to presenting the highest caliber professional large jazz ensemble music to the city of Saskatoon and beyond. Through programming and featuring celebrated local, national and international jazz talent, the SJO also creates professional development opportunities for Saskatchewan’s own established and emerging jazz musicians from across the province. Example video:

SJO members for this performance include: (Saxes) Donny Kennedy, Sarah Suchan, Mark Dejong, Sheldon Corbett, Shirantha Beddege, (Trumpets) Dean McNeill, Nick Fanner, Paul Newton, Hanna Hashi, Natalie Dejong, (Trombones) Ross Ulmer, Kendra Worman, Don Schmidt, Dawn McLean Belyk, (Guitar) Mo Lefeaver, (Bass) Emmett Fortosky, (Piano) Paul Suchan, (Drums) Chris Wallace, (Percussion Brett Graham), (Vocals) Alexis Normand.

9:15 PM An exciting recent addition to Saskatoon’s vibrant music scene the Footnotes Big Band directed by USASK B.Mus. graduate Rhett Schroeder is a 17-piece jazz big band comprised of aspiring Saskatoon-based musicians with a passion for all things jazz, funk, and rock. The Footnotes Big Band began as an outdoor trio project during the pandemic to share music with the community. Through an infectious love of arranging and performing music, this project quickly grew to big band proportions. Following one of their most recent performances at the Broadway Theatre’s Winterruption Festival, the Footnotes Big Band continues to energize the Saskatoon jazz scene with fresh musical arrangements in unique ways that span many musical styles and genres including pop, jazz, funk, rap, folk, classic rock, heavy metal, and even video game music. Don’t miss this electric energy set as the Footnotes Big Band ends the night on a high note! 

FNBB members for this performance include: (Saxes) Gerard Weber, Ricardo Martins, Connor Denomy, Aaron Salkeld, Jude Leschyshyn, (Trumpets) Adam Streisel, Colin Grant, Aaron Bueckert, David Snell, (Trombones) Spencer Krips, Tiess McKenzie, Libbie Smith, Jon Tait, (Piano) Matthew Arsenault, (Guitar) Rory Lynch, (Bass/Bandleader) Rhett Schroeder, (Drums) Eric Redekopp, (Vocals) Jillian Ramsay.

This concert is part of the SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival

The SJO & The SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival Present
A Summer Night’s Dream at the SaskJazz Festival
July 12, 2024, 7:00 pm
Victoria Park Stage (Ticketed)
Music inspired by the imagination of Radiohead, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder and so much more!
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