April 29, 2023, 7:30 pm
Broadway Theatre
An International Jazz Day Eve celebration featuring the one and only guest conductor and arranger Fred Stride

About This Concert

Join us on the eve of International Jazz Day for this very special night of music making as award winning Canadian composer Fred Stride guest conducts the SJO and sharing his extraordinary compositions and arrangements.

As the centerpiece of this concert, the SJO will present Modest Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition reimagined through the creative mind of the one and only Fred Stride.

For more information on our featured guest artist Fred Stride, visit his artist info page here.

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Our Supporters

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Featured Artists

Fred Stride

(Vancouver, BC)
Artist Bio



Conductor Fred Stride
Alto/Soprano Sax Donny Kennedy
Alto Sax Gerard Weber
Tenor Sax Nathan Degehart
Tenor Sax Sheldon Corbett
Baritone Sax Doug Gilmour
Trumpet Dean McNeill
Trumpet Miles Newman
Trumpet Nick Fanner
Trumpet Terry Heckman
Trombone Ross Ulmer
Trombone Spencer Krips
Trombone Don Schmidt
Trombone Dawn McLean Belyk
Piano Paul Suchan
Guitar Rory Lynch
Bass Emmet Fortosky
Drums Chris Wallace


Alto Sax Hayden Webb
Tenor Sax Dylan Mowbray
Baritone Sax Nathaniel
Trumpet Ronan Inkster
Trumpet Noah Willms
Trumpet Bennett Mccumber
Trumpet Sam Loseth-Scheirer
Trombone Brinley Perratt
Trombone Liam Noble
Trombone Trushank Lakdawala
Piano Jonathan Guan
Bass Ronin Sawitsky
Drums Seraphina Anand


Set 1 (SYJO)

  1. Blue Note Special comp. Mike Tomaro
  2. I Hope in Time a Change Will Come comp. Oliver Nelson
  3. The Test comp. Christian Overton

Set 2 (SJO)

  1. O Canada comp. Calixa Lavallée, arr. Fred Stride
  2. Waves comp. & arr. Fred Stride
  3. Igor’s Blues arr. Fred Stride
  4. On Second Thought arr. Fred Stride
  5. Thank You Mr. Douglas arr. Fred Stride


Set 3 (SJO)

Pictures at an Exhibition comp. Modest Mussorgsky, arr. Fred Stride

Mov 1 Promenade
Mov 2 Gnome
Mov 3 Promenade
Mov 4 Old Castle
Mov 5 Promenade
Mov 6 Tuileries
Mov 7 Ox Cart
Mov 8 Promenade
Mov 9 Ballad of the unhatched Chicks
Mov 10 Rich and Poor
Mov 11 Marketplace
Mov 12 Catacombs
Mov 13 Speaking to the Dead
Mov 14 The Hut of Baba Yaga
Mov 15 Promenade
Mov 16 Great Gates

Accompanying Reading

Thank you, Mr. Douglas
by Lauren Klassen

Mr. Douglas,
It was your dream
Your dream created an ever-lasting legacy
Bringing about equality and accessibility
For generations to come
Your legacy, believed in community
In care
In helping others
No one teaches themselves to stand
No—we get there by holding hands

Mr. Douglas, can we get there?
Can we come together to make this world better?

Mr. Douglas, can we come together hand in hand?
Can we come together to better understand
Empathy will make this world better
Mr. Douglas, can we get there?

Mr. Douglas, what if I told you of the keepers of the flame?
The health care professionals who carry out your name every day
The ones who keep your legacy alive
The ones who keep our families alive
The ones who keep this province alive

Mr. Douglas, what if I told you they’ve seen it all,
Lockdown, applause from apartments, banging on pots and pans to—
Persecution, plague, and pain

Mr. Douglas,
You believed in community
Community is sowing the seeds
Even though you may not get to eat the fruit from the tree

Mr. Douglas,
Although you stood alone
Know that your dream created ripples in our pond
Know that countless lives carry out your vision
You gave our country something to set us apart
To take care of our community, no matter how hard

Mr. Douglas,
You once said
Courage my friends, ‘tis not too late to build a better world

Mr. Douglas,
Thank you for sowing the seeds
I am eating the fruit
And it is beautiful

Sincerely, a generation who will keep the flame burning

The SJO & The SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival Present
A Summer Night’s Dream at the SaskJazz Festival
July 12, 2024, 7:00 pm
Victoria Park Stage (Ticketed)
Music inspired by the imagination of Radiohead, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder and so much more!
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