April 27, 2024, 7:30 pm
Live at the Broadway Theatre
Exploring the incredible musical legacy of “Tenor Titan” Michael Brecker, featuring Jim Brenan

About This Concert

The Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra is thrilled to present "Michael Brecker: Ode to a Tenor Titan," an homage to the late, great tenor saxophonist Michael Brecker. The vast musical legacy left by iconic tenor saxophonist Michael Brecker cannot be overstated, and has continued to reverberate and exert a substantial influence on many musicians playing in many musical genres well into the 21st century. Brecker’s impressive legacy, marked by 15 Grammy awards, induction into the Jazz Hall of Fame by Downbeat Magazine, and multiple honorary doctorates, stands testament to his transformative impact on music.

The Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra is very excited to feature one of Canada’s finest award-winning tenor saxophonists Jim Brenan in this high energy Brecker homage concert.

This concert will offer the listener a unique perspective into the legacy of Michael Brecker while at the same time featuring in a new perspective supplied by the creative force that simply ‘is’ Jim Brenan. This concert will also feature Jamie Cooper on drums along with the entire SJO jazz orchestra.

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Featured Artists

Raymond Baril

(Edmonton, AB)
Artist Bio

Jim Brenan

(Calgary, AB)
Artist Bio



Guest Conductor Ray Baril
Alto 1/Sop. Sax Donny Kennedy
Alto 2/Sop. Sax/Flute Glen Gillis
Tenor Sax 1 Jim Brenan
Tenor Sax 2 Gerard Weber
Bari/Bass Clarinet Doug Gilmour
Trumpet 1 Dean McNeill
Trumpet 1 Adam Streisel
Trumpet 3 Barrie Redford
Trumpet 4 Nick Fanner
Trumpet 5 Sam Boyd
Trombone 1 Ross Ulmer
Trombone 2 Tiess McKenzie
Trombone 3 Keegan Isaac
Trombone 4 Jon Tait
Piano Kim Salkeld
Guitar Ian Summach
Bass Rhett Schroeder
Drums Jamie Cooper
Violin Dru Waltz


Alto Sax Sydney Burns
Alto Sax Gwyneth Carlson
Tenor Sax Ian Fraser
Tenor Sax Cassidy Letkeman
Bari Sax Nathaniel Olson
Trumpet Bennett McCumber
Trumpet Rebecca Hay Carlson
Trumpet Marie Levesque
Trumpet Kenny
Trumpet Oliver Malinski
Bone 1 Liam Noble
Bone 2 Ada DeLathouwer
Bone 3 Edie Jardine
Bone 3/4 Ella Neufeldt
Bone 4 Lilith McGilp
Guitar Heather Ferguson
Piano Enna Ometlic
Bass Luke Stevens
Drums / Percussion Cruise Dahlgrin
Drums / Vibraphone Grayer Hardy


Set 1

Some Skunk Funk (comp. by Randy Brecker, arr. by Mark Taylor)
Slick Stuff (comp. by Randy Brecker, arr. by Gary Morton)
Sara’s Touch (comp. by Mike Mainieri, arr. by Michael Abene)
Pools (comp. by Don Grolnick, arr. by John Fedchock)
Oops (comp. by Mike Mainieri, arr. by Allan Gilliland)
Both Sides of the Coin (comp. by Michael Brecker, arr. by David Caffey)


The Saskatoon Youth Jazz Orchestra

Program to be chosen from:

Streetmode (comp., arr. Bill Mahar)
Breathing (comp., arr. Fred Sturm)
Party Peeps (comp., arr. Kris Berg)

Set 2

Itsbynne Reel (comp. by Michael Brecker, arr. by Chuck Owen)
Trains (comp. by Mike Mainieri, arr. by Eric Miyashiro)
Never Alone (comp. by Michael Brecker, arr. by Fred Stride)
Song for Bilbao (comp. by Pat Metheny, arr. by Alan Baylock)
Cadenza (comp., arr. Jim Brenan)
Delta City Blues (by Michael Brecker, arr. David Eshelman)

The SJO & The SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival Present
A Summer Night’s Dream at the SaskJazz Festival
July 12, 2024, 7:00 pm
Victoria Park Stage (Ticketed)
Music inspired by the imagination of Radiohead, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder and so much more!
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