October 14, 2023, 7:30 pm
Live at the Broadway Theatre
When the Spirit Moves You: join us for a musical tribute to Ellington and other jazz greats ft. Dee Daniels and Fred Stride

About This Concert

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Join the Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra (SJO) for an enriching and unique musical tribute with our concert, "When the Spirit Moves You: Ellington’s Sacred Music". This special event showcases the always evocative and borderline-sacred music of the legendary Duke Ellington, as interpreted by acclaimed Canadian conductor and friend of the SJO, Fred Stride.

We’re especially thrilled to have the opportunity to feature the breathtaking and award-winning Canadian vocal talent of Dee Daniels, along with the angelic voices of Saskatoon's Aurora Voce mixed choir. Together alongside the SJO, these vocalists will help to infuse Ellington’s music with modern vitality and depth.

Our carefully curated repertoire for the evening also incorporates a unique interpretation of the enduring jazz standard, "Body and Soul." This time-honored melody will be revisited and celebrated, honouring its place in jazz history while also marking International Jazz Day.

We hope you’ll join us to be a part of this unforgettable evening as we pay homage to the influential figures of jazz and explore the depth of this powerful music form that speaks to our minds, bodies, and souls.

This concert was made possible by the University of Saskatchewan College of Arts and Science Gail Appel Lecture Series in Literature and Fine Arts.

Our Supporters

This show is made possible by generous support provided by these organizations

Featured Artists

Fred Stride

(Vancouver, BC)
Artist Bio

Aurora Voce

Artist Bio


Guest Conductor/Arranger Fred Stride
Guest Artist / Solo Vocals Dee Daniels
Alto Sax 1/Soprano Sax Donny Kennedy
Alto Saxophone 2 Sarah Suchan
Tenor Saxophone 1 Trent Reschney
Tenor Saxophone 2 Sheldon Corbett
Baritone Saxophone Doug Gilmour
Trumpet 1 Dean McNeill
Trumpet 2 Nick Fanner
Trumpet 3 Paul Newton
Trumpet 4 Hanna Hashi
Trumpet 5 Dr. Darrin Oehlerking
Trombone 1 Ross Ulmer
Trombone 2 Kendra Worman
Trombone 3 Don Schmidt
Trombone 4 Jon Tait
Piano Paul Suchan
Bass Emmett Fortosky
Drums Dave Laing

Aurora Voce Choir

Dr. Jennifer Lang
Choir Conductor

Julie Abbs
Elias Allcock
Derek Cameron
Jillian Cyca
Samuel Dmyterko
Max Eyre-Wilkins
Dylan Flowers
Yash Kathrotia
Alicia Kehrig
Jordan Kornelsen
Elise Parsonage
Brianna Penner
Matthew Praksas
Breann Steckler
Danielle Strong
Heather Wood


Set 1

A Riff In Time - Comp./Arr. Fred Stride
Choose Me - Comp. Dee Daniels, Arr. Dennis Mackrel
Come Rain Or Come Shine - Comp. Harold Arlen; Johnny Mercer, Arr. Rob Pronk
Mid-life Crisis - Comp. Dee Daniels, Arr. Fred Stride
Love Ain’t Love Without You - Comp. Dee Daniels, Arr. Fred Stride
Samba With Me - Comp. Dee Daniels, Arr. Fred Stride
Let Freedom Ring - Comp. Dee Daniels, Arr. Dave Pierce, Ad. Dennis Mackrel

Set 2

Don’t You Get Down On Your Knees To Pray - Comp. Duke Ellington, Arr. Fred Stride
Something ‘Bout Believing - Comp. Duke Ellington, Arr. Fred Stride
The Lord’s Prayer - Comp./Arr. Duke Ellington
Ninety-Nine Percent - Comp. Duke Ellington, Arr. Fred Stride
Come Sunday - Comp. Duke Ellington, Arr. Billy Strayhorn
Tell Me It’s The Truth - Comp. Duke Ellington, Arr. Fred Stride
Praise God And Dance - Comp. Duke Ellington, Arr. Fred Stride

The SJO & The SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival Present
A Summer Night’s Dream at the SaskJazz Festival
July 12, 2024, 7:00 pm
Victoria Park Stage (Ticketed)
Music inspired by the imagination of Radiohead, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder and so much more!
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