October 3, 2022

How are you joining us for Poetics of Jazz on October 22nd?

We're diving into our 2022-2023 season on October 22nd with Poetics of Jazz, and we want you to know that just like last season, there's more than one way for you to enjoy the show (and all of our upcoming shows!)

Join us in person at the Broadway Theatre

This perhaps goes without saying, but you can of course come enjoy the concert the old fashioned way — i.e., in person at the theatre!

We love performing live for as many jazz fans and community members as possible, and seeing you all in person on the night of a concert really helps create the energy we need to put on a fantastic performance.

That said, we understand that not everyone can make it out to the theatre on the night of the concert. If that's the case, we've got you covered!

Join us via live stream on

We've once again partnered with the fine people at the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra to bring you SJO concerts from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere else you have an internet connection and a screen to watch things on!)

You have a few options for purchasing live stream access:

Just like last season, you can make a one-time purchase to watch this specific concert (or any other concert). Pricing starts at $20, but you can choose to pay a little bit more if you feel like adding a little bit of extra support to your purchase.

You can also buy a digital ticket for all 4 SJO shows that will be live streamed this season. If you're planning on streaming all the concerts this season, at $60 a pop, you're getting one concert live stream for free. Pretty sweet!

No matter how you join us, we're excited to see you!

Poetics of Jazz is only a few weeks away. No matter how you decide to enjoy the concert, we're excited to "see" you there — either in person at the Broadway Theatre or logged into the live stream.

Both options are great and we can't wait until October 22nd! See you then, jazz fans.

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