The SJO & The SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival Present
October 22, 2022, 7:30 pm
Broadway Theatre & Live Streamed
Celebrating and showcasing Saskatchewan-based poets by combining poetry with original music

About This Concert

Poetics in Jazz is a special concert that celebrates and showcases the work of Saskatchewan-based poets. We’ll be weaving performances of their poetry alongside newly composed original music orchestrated for large jazz ensemble. We will also be presenting the western Canadian premier of the Atwood Suite by Canadian composer Andrew Rathbun.

The Saskatchewan-based poets involved in this concert include poet and author Michael Bradford, Pattie O’Rourke poetry scholarship recipient Glenda Fu, Saskatchewan’s current Youth Poet Laureate Lauren (Lo) Klassen, and former Saskatchewan Poet Laureate Glen Sorestad.

Contributing composers include Silas Friesen, Colin Grant, Spencer Krips, Dean McNeill, Andrew Rathbun, and Amanda Tosoff.

Special guest musicians include Tara Davidson (Toronto), Mo Lefever (Edmonton), and Andrew Rathbun (New York).

Poetics of Jazz is Co-presented by the SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival

There's More To Come

There's a lot more to tell you about this show, including more about our featured artists, the music we're playing, and our personnel. Check back soon closer to show time for all that and more!

Our Supporters

This show is made possible by generous support provided by these organizations

Featured Artists

Michael Bradford

Poet & Author

Tara Davidson

Saxophone (Toronto)

Silas Friesen


Glenda Fu

Poet & Pattie O’Rourke Poetry Scholarship recipient

Colin Grant


Lauren (Lo) Klassen

Poet & Saskatchewan’s current Youth Poet Laureate

Spencer Krips


Dean McNeill


Mo Lefeaver

Guitar (Edmonton)

Andrew Rathbun


Glen Sorestad

Poet & Saskatchewan's inaugural Poet Laureate

Amanda Tosoff

Composer, Saxophone (New York)

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