Jillian Ramsay


Jillian is a lover of artistic collaboration and passionate about bringing beauty into the world – be that through music, art, the written word, or a combination of these artistic threads.  Jillian began piano lessons at age five and soon began to dabble in several other instruments, including voice. In university she pursued a degree in literature and visual arts; however, she continued to create space for musical growth, singing with the University of Saskatchewan Jazz Ensemble and Graystone singers, as well as engaging in other local music events.  Since graduation, Jillian began to explore other musical avenues, especially in jazz and folk music, performing with other Canadian musicians including Mike Rud, Amanda Tosoff, and Larnell Lewis. In 2020, Jillian co-wrote and sang in what became the Saskatoon Suite with Silas Friesen and the SJO, which was initially recorded and released online during the Pandemic, and then performed live with Jillian as vocal soloist in June, 2022.  Jillian is also a church musician, serving at weekly and monthly events with her family.  Based in Saskatoon, Jillian enjoys teaching, collaborating with like-minded artists, and writing and arranging music for various ensembles.

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